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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Fr. Edward Beck: a quisling for the wealthy, pro-abortion Establishment (Part One) ~ Beck and the Cuomo Family

Fr. Edward L. Beck is a Passionist father. He is also a quisling and traitor to the Culture of Life, as are the Passionists. The following is Part One of this blog's exposure of Beck's very close relationship with the militantly pro-abortion, pro-same sex "marriage", powerful and wealthy Cuomo family of New York. One may even assign to the now dead former Governor, Mario Cuomo, the title of "godfather" of the so-called pro-abortion position taken by those who claim to be Catholic. Cuomo's sons, Andrew and Chris, continue their father's evil legacy promoting abortion and homosexuality. 

Here in Canada, we consider Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner who have taken the heroic decision to give up their freedom to witness for Life against the horror of abortion. While these women dwell in jail, witnessing for Christ and Life, we have the likes of Judas priests like Edward Beck. 

Now let us explore CNN's religion commentator, Fr. Beck's "social fingerprint" from his Instagram and Facebook pages. These screenshots tell the sordid story of Beck's horrible betrayal of Christ, His Church and the Gospel of Life. 

Much more will follow over the next few days, when this blog will present further details about this malefactor, the traitor: Edward Beck. Be prepared. 

For Part Two, link here. 

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Karl Rahner Jr. said...

It is so obvious that he is a homosexual. Why doesn't his Passionist superior send him on a mission to Syria? Or to Afghanistan?