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Monday, 7 August 2017

Why does Thomas Rosica, CSB., tweet about Bernie Sanders & Justin Trudeau?

Why Tweet about Bernie Sanders? 

If one is to tweet about Sanders, surely  the primary reason would be to point out his support of abortion, sodomy, buggery and the culture of death against which St. Pope John Paul II devoted so much of his ministry? 

After all, the issue in the United States is abortion, and life issues.  

Why tweet about Justin Trudeau? 

Perhaps to call him out as a fanatical pro-abortionist and homosexualist who has even banned from the Liberal Party anyone who is pro-life from ever running for Public Office? Sadly, no call out on Trudeau's immorality and fascism. Yet, we are told he is "praying" in the Sistine Chapel. 

As in the United States, Canada's issue too is abortion - and now euthanasia and all that goes with the culture of death. 

Why not excoriate Sanders and Trudeau for their support of abortion? Or, "same-sex marriage"? Or there advocacy for legalized sodomy and buggery? 

Where is there room for Christ and His Truth in the warped ideology of Bernie Sanders or Justin Trudeau? 

One wonders how many "Catholics" voted for Trudeau, especially after the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops' "Election Guide" (that did not even contain the word "abortion"), was shown to not so subtly hint at voters to cast their ballots in a particular direction. One wonders how many bishops, priests and nuns voted Liberal? 

Let there be no doubt about it: abortion is the issue of our time; the wombs of mothers, rather than being the safest place in the world is a battlefield in which far too many times the conquered victim is the slaughtered body of a baby.

The actual "third world war" is abortion, not the horror of Islamism or anything else. Abortion is a "holocaust on a global scale", as Bishop BiaƂasik rightly stated at the recent Synod. Unfortunately, he was not given any support by the English speaking official Catholic media, nor the Holy See Press Office.  

During the last Synod, it was the bloggers who did the heavy lifting with the Holy See Press Office an active participant in the scheming and manipulation that was undertaken by senior curial officials. 

During the Synod, the vile Cardinal Maestrojuan even wished to sneak adultery into the Church by supplanting Our Lord Jesus Christ with the "law of Moses". This blog exposed him to the English speaking world, after he was exposed by the Polish bishops. 

Let there be no equivocation: Sanders and Trudeau through their actions manifest hatred for Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

It is time priests stood up to these men, rather than fawn and pander to them! 


Suzanne Jacklin said...

Indeed, I cannot believe how people fawn over, and pander to, Justin Trudeau! Abortion is SO evil; I cannot understand how so many people -- so many women -- can CHOOSE to kill their own, unborn children (ostensibly because of 'inconvenience'! That is not a 'choice' any woman should ever be made to feel 'compelled' to make! I bristle at Justin's declaration of "reproductive rights". What is that euphemism supposed to mean?! The term 'reproductive' refers to 'procreation'; and 'right' would indicate that one has the 'inalienable right' to 'reproduce' (i.e., have a child)! So ... WHEN exactly did, a woman's right to have a child become a 'right' to KILL her unborn child?! Justin Trudeau is a LOST SOUL. I pray for Jesus to intervene in his life ... and to bring him to his knees -- in repentance: NOT as a 'show' for the media!! I was appalled to see him at a funeral Mass in Montreal -- where he presented himself to receive the Eucharist! What a disgrace. What a scandal for we 'believers'!

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps the other question is, why would any intelligent person look to "Commonweal" Magazine as a reference point for generating news?